• Image of Orange upcycled wax crop top
  • Image of Orange upcycled wax crop top

African print Crop Top

One of a kind patchwork wax fabric

-crop top
-Oversize boxy fit
-Patchwork design
-african wax fabrics
-100% cotton
-not stretch

Sizing measurements:

Width : 20,5"
Heigth : 18,5"

Hauteur: 47 cm
Largeur: 52cm

Ce crop-top en tissu africain a été cousu à Paris, France en réutilisant des chutes de tissus provenant de la production de noeuds papillons et robes selon la démarche éco-responsable de l'"upcycling".

Pièce unique

Gentle warm wash
Machine wash 30°
Hand wash first separately
One of a kind patchwork top made ethically in a sustainable upcycled fashion.
Upcycling patchwork

Our goal is trying to reduce every day a little more our impact on the environment while making available unique bowties and clothes. It is not always easy, but we have believed in it since the beginning. It is in our DNA and we put everything in place every day to maintain our objective.
With us, every piece of fabric is used. We are advocates for zero-waste. Instead of throwing away or destroying our fabrics left-over,like most other brands do, we recycle them into new unique pieces like this patchwork crop-top. All our fabric scraps are used. This zero-waste mindset boosts our creativity.